About us

Why we’re here

Companies spend significant time & resources managing user permissions, and IT & Security teams are overloaded with requests.

This is a real business problem.

Slows business growth

In a fast moving environment, it’s crucial for employees to have the access they need, at the right time.

Process heavy

IT & Security teams manually manage, grant, and remove permissions, creating serious bottlenecks.

Not easy to track

Governance, compliance, & security needs are increasing, and visibility & accountability is key, including easy reports.

Our mission

We bring a fresh approach to an outdated process.

With our background in Security, DevOps, and R&D, we know permission management is a problem, and we’ve experienced it first-hand. We also know the importance of managing permissions for the security posture.

We realize the challenge of permission orchestration lies with IT & DevOps, not Security, so we set out to solve the problem for them – while delivering a solution for Security.

Through a deep understanding of permission management across applications, infrastructures, and organizational hierarchy, our solution enables the entire process to run smoothly, at scale. On the way, we empower business units to define policies that determine who gets access to what.

We solve the permission management challenge, so everyone across the organization can work better and faster.

Ron Nissim


Avi Zetser



Ron & Avi worked together in an elite operational cybersecurity team of the 8200 Unit at the Israel Defense Forces. They are experts in deep learning & image processing, with broad experience in IT, Security, DevOps, and leading R&D teams.

Investors and advisors

Ariel Maislos

Seed Investor